ArkMC UPNP Media Center 1.0.2813.751


Arkuda Media Center is a UPnP/DLNA multimedia application for Android smartphones and Tablet PCs that allows you to easily access, stream, share, manage and enjoy multimedia content, such as pictures, music and videos throughout your home Wi-Fi network. For example, with ArkMC, music files from a PC can be streamed to a Media Center, video from a camcorder can be played back on the Xbox360, pictures taken with smartphone can be instantly sent to a TV, and more! Discover all ArkMC features and turn your digital home into a place of entertainment from the comfort of a couch!
New features:
• Use alternative players for local playback. Now you can use any player installed on your device and play any media formats – just install a player that supports needed formats and play files on it via ArkMC.
• “Play-to” support. Browse through your media libraries using any external Windows Media Player and send media files to ArkMC available in a Windows Media Player’s list of devices for play back
• DMR functionality. Play media files on ArkMC delivered from any DLNA server, player or controller in the network.
Key features:
• Browsing through media libraries on UPnP/DLNA servers in your network
• Streaming image/music/video files to UPnP/DLNA players in the network
• Playback control (pause, stop, forward, rewind, volume control)
• Local Playback (view and play media files on your Android phone)
• Multi-playback feature enabling instant sharing of currently played on your phone files with any DLNA-enabled devices in the network with ability to control all playbacks
• View album art: cover, artist, genre, and other characteristics
• Manage all devices from both inside and outside your network via VPN
• Playlists (add different types of media files, edit and remove playlists)
• Access Point mode support (portable Wi-Fi spot)

Tested Media Servers:
- XBMC Media Server
- Windows Media Player
- Foobar2000 Media Server
- PlayOn
- Twonky Media Server
Tested media renderers:
- XBMC Media Renderer
- Windows Media Player
- Foobar2000 Media Renderer
- XBOX360

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